Fotowall is a free creative software tool that lets you design with your photo,s as you’ve always wanted. Make the perfect set of photo,s and add text of and design the best internet pictures. Features : Create original pictures. Create perfect wallpapers. Create postcards and covers. Print superbig posters with… read more!

Pinta photo editor

Pinta Photo software

Pinta is free photo editing software.,it is easy to use and therefore ideal for simple editing of images. Rotate images Make a screenshot Magic staff selection (selection based on color) Insert text into an image, Undo unlimited edits Invert colors, Special effects (these effects were imported from Paint.NET) Unlimited number… read more!

Master PDF Editor

Master PDF Editor 4 is a multifunctional PDF Editor free to use for non commercial use. Master PDF Editor 4 is easy to use and perfect to modify PDF files this program runs with Windows , Linux and Mac computers. Video : Some features :  Create PDF documents. Modify text… read more!

Ubuntu 18.04 preview

Ubuntu  revealed the codename of Ubuntu 18.04 its called Bionic Beaver. The big change is that Ubuntu has drop Unity and with 18.04 comes the desktop GNOME 3.28. Video : The final LTS version comes at 26th April: Stable Ubuntu 18.04 LTS release   Ubuntu 18.04 daily builds are available… read more!

VLC media player

VLC media player is a free and open-source portable and cross-platform media player. VLC media player plays most multimedia files as well as discs, devices, and network streaming protocols. Supports : Video playback Equalizer Music playback MKV playback FLAC playback Mini audio player and background audio Media Library Support for… read more!


VeraCrypt is free disk encryption software and is based on TrueCrypt. VeraCrypt is a project based on the source code of the old TrueCrypt software which was discontinued. VeraCrypt has a variety of bug fixes and supports modern PCs. VeraCrypt creates a so-called safe file on an encrypted file container.… read more!


Teamviewer is a nice piece of remote desktop software. With Teamviewer you can remote control someone’s computer you need a Internet connection and a reasonably working system the software must also be installed on both computers. Teamviewer is ideal for working with friends or acquaintances to solve computer problems. Teamviewer’s … read more!