Teamviewer is a nice piece of remote desktop software.

With Teamviewer you can remote control someone’s computer you need a Internet connection and a reasonably working system the software must also be installed on both computers.

Teamviewer is ideal for working with friends or acquaintances to solve computer problems.

Teamviewer’s  is quite simple to use.

When starting Teamviewer you see this screen :

If you want to let someone operate your computer you give your ID number and password the easiest way to do it is by phone if you want to control someone else his desktop you need hid ID and password.

After that, you’ll see the desktop from the remote computer appear  and now you can control the computer completely.

Your ID number always remains the same as the password changes after each session, but you should only use this remote desktop software with trusted people

Free for non-commercial home use the paid version has some more features.

It is also possible to do file transfer.

Download :

Download TeamViewer  Windows
Download TeamViewer Portable
Download TeamViewer for macOS
Download TeamViewer for Linux
Download TeamViewer for Android
Download TeamViewer for iPhone
Download TeamViewer for iPad

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